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Adobe indesign cs6 (8.0) object model free download

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Parameter Type Description condition any A string containing a JavaScript statement to be used as a condition. If the statement evaluates to true or nonzero when this point is reached, execution stops.

Parameter Type Description file File The file to load. Parameter Type Description name string The name of the variable.

During a sleep period, checks at millisecond intervals to see whether the sleep should be terminated. This can happen if there is a break request, or if the script timeout has expired.

Parameter Type Description msecs number Number of milliseconds to sleep. Parameter Type Description text any The text to print. All arguments are concatenated. Homepage Table of contents Contents About Property Type Access Description build.

The most recent run-time error information. Assigning error text to this property generates a run-time error; however, the preferred way to generate a run-time error is to throw an Error object. Gets or sets low-level debug output flags. Usually, garbage collection starts when the number of objects has increased by a certain amount since the last garbage collection. This flag causes ExtendScript to garbage collect after almost every statement.

This impairs performance severely, but is useful when you suspect that an object gets released too soon. Equivalent to the localize property.

A reference to the global object, which contains the JavaScript global namespace. A high-resolution timer, measuring the time in microseconds. The timer starts when ExtendScript is initialized during the application startup sequence. Every read access resets the timer to Zero. The current debugging level, which enables or disables the JavaScript debugger.

One of 0 no debugging , 1 break on runtime errors , or 2 full debug mode. Gets or sets the current locale. Initially, this is the value that the application or the platform returns for the current user. You can set it to temporarily change the locale for testing.

To return to the application or platform setting, set to undefined, null, or the empty string. Set to true to enable the extended localization features of the built-in toString method.

The current operating system version information. Array of Object. An array of objects containing information about the display screens attached to your computer.

Each object has the properties left, top, right, bottom , which contain the four corners of each screen in global coordinates. A property primary is true if that object describes the primary display. Sets or clears strict mode for object modification. When true, any attempt to write to a read-only property causes a runtime error.

Some objects do not permit the creation of new properties when true. The version number of the ExtendScript engine. Formatted as a three-part number and description; for example: “3.

Parameter Type Description condition. A string containing a JavaScript statement to be used as a condition. An optional timeout in milliseconds. Contents :: Index.



Adobe indesign cs6 (8.0) object model free download

May 14,  · Mac OS Users Only: If you have applied the InDesign CS6 update before 30 October , then we recommend you to download & apply the update again to correct an issue with Extension Manager failing to import extensions. Parameter Type Description; spreadItems: Array of Spread: The spreads to create an alternate layout for. name: string: The name of the alternate layout. Note: This is used for the named layout for the new section for the duplicated spreads. Feb 22,  · Download Adobe InDesign CS6 Server for free. Adobe® InDesign® CS6 Server software delivers a robust and scalable engine that leverages the design, layout, and typographical capabilities of InDesign CS6 to let you programmatically create engaging automated documents/5(8). Mar 01,  · I am trying InDesign Creative Cloud and I want to try InDesign CS6. But in CC the Apps do not include CS6. And on the InDesign CC Downloads page, there is no tab to select it on the left of Features. Can you tell me how I can download InDesign CS6 to try? Download the official full version of Adobe InDesign for free. Create & publish books, interactive PDFs, posters & more. Start designing for free today.