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Unlike Dark Souls , the Armored Core franchise focuses heavily on simulation – both in terms of constructing mecha and using them in combat. Contrary to Gundam , each Armored Core title carries a particular level of intensity with regards to mecha customization and gameplay, to the point where it can become quite enjoyably overwhelming for gamers. However, for newcomers to the franchise, just how would they rank Armored Core games?

Players who want a more straightforward Armored Core experience will appreciate Armored Core: Project Phantasma , the second game in the series and set two years before the first game. Unlike the first game, Project Phantasma only has 17 missions, a far cry from the first title that has However, while Project Phantasma offers a neat cross-save option from the first game, the more linear approach does make it a fast and loose experience.

Players who want to skip the rather convoluted plot of the Armored Core series can simply enjoy fighting robots in Armored Core: Nine Breaker. The game skips a story mode and instead only has two modes, a Training Mode that challenges players with various gameplay mechanics, and an Arena Mode where players pit their AC against AI.

The Training Mode reveals that the Arena Mode is currently training individuals for a potential war as everything is currently in peace. Unlike other games, a majority of AC parts are already unlocked for tinkering.

Serving as a reboot of the first few games, Armored Core 4 spices things up with faster missions and a new storyline. Set after a devastating war in the future, corporations now rule the world and begin to employ ACs to wage war against each other.

At its core, Armored Core 5 was a return to tradition for the modern Armored Core series, focusing more on tactical gameplay compared to the more fast-paced gameplay of its younger predecessors. While its story still features a resistance against an oppressive power, more focus this time is given to the keen customization of the Armored Core to accommodate complicated battle situations. When played online, Armored Core 5 easily becomes a wild ride as five-versus-five matches will have team Operators oversee and issue commands.

Unfortunately, its solo experience remains quite dull considering its skill ceiling and rather repetitive combat. A few years after protagonist Leos Klein attempts a coup, the Earth once again faces a power struggle between three large corporations and a revolutionary group attempting to establish a new government.

Moreover, the improved visuals and the mecha aesthetics just complement the stellar AC AI that kept players on their toes. When it comes to the best games in a franchise, people just reserve a spot for the classics – and such is the case of Armored Core , the game that started it all. After the cataclysmic Great Destruction wiped out a vast majority of Earth, its survivors went underground and began living under the control of corporations.

As these corporations clash, mercenaries called Ravens have begun profiting from the situation as they conduct their missions using ACs. In a genre ordinarily dominated by the classic MechWarrior , the original Armored Core certainly proved itself a worthy contender with its in-depth customization and choice of missions.

This level of creativity was unprecedented, evidently making Armored Core a standout in the genre. As an Architect, players are tasked to build and program ACs that can fight independently of their control. Unlike the other warlike settings of Armored Core , Formula Front instead focuses on a worldwide competition of the same name that transformed AC combat into a sport. Compared to other games in the series, Armored Core: Nexus begins with a rather interesting twist – a new corporation named Navis has been investigating ancient technology, putting other corporations in high tensions that lead to all-out war.

Players who want an extremely realistic – albeit sometimes frustrating – experience piloting a mecha will definitely feel awesome playing Nexus. Serving as the sequel to the first Armored Core game, Armored Core 2 does take things up a notch – to Mars, in fact. In the story, a colonized Mars will face chaos courtesy of the Frighteners and the mysterious Leos Klein.

The player is tasked to lead a team to defeat the Frighteners, but not without following the usual Armored Core formula of doing missions and earning money with their ACs in the process. Aside from impressive customization, players have access to improved graphics at a time and a UI reminiscent of a cool mecha cockpit. Serving as a direct sequel to Armored Core 3 , Silent Line: Armored Core sees mankind starting to reclaim the surface after life underground.

And when people start vanishing beyond the mysterious Silent Line, players have to bring in a team of their own to investigate.

Being an expansion, Silent Line allows players to import existing data into the game, bringing their favorite mechs with them. The most recent entry in the franchise, Armored Core: Verdict Day takes players to a world where three factions fight over natural resources.

While the game retains much of its fan-favorite mechanics – such as in-depth customization, programmable AI, and team-based battles, the game also enhances the experience with unique skills and weaponry. It also has a multiplayer mode that will have fans of different factions fight for control. However, due to the popularity of Souls games, Verdict Day remains a must-try.

When the conflicting corporations of Armored Core 3 combined to create the Alliance, mercenaries called the Vertex rise to oppose them. Players take on the role of an unaffiliated agent, a Raven, and are forced to choose a side. Of all the existing Armored Core games, Last Raven has perhaps the most intensive plot and multiple endings.

Taking place around a decade after Armored Core 4, the story of Armored Core: For Answer follows the trend of Last Raven and features multiple endings.

In it, players take the role of an agent called a Lynx and their journey around a war in a polluted-ruined world. Of all the games in the franchise, For Answer perhaps added the best gameplay improvements. Certain parts also give ACs special attacks that devastate the battlefield but leave them vulnerable, and even a locked-on rush blade attack that makes melee combat much deadlier. Despite its age, Armored Core 3 would perhaps be the most iconic game in the franchise. Serving as its reboot, Armored Core 3 returns the series to its post-apocalyptic roots, this time with a powerful AI called the Controller taking over the world and driving humanity underground.


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Download for free files to Armored Core: for Answer. Armored Core: for Answer download section contains: 6 wallpapers. All the similar files for games like Armored Core: for Answer in the “Action Games” category can be found in Downloads on pages like Full games & demos, Mods & add-ons, Patches & updates and Wallpapers. Have a fast download! Jan 10,  · It has been long-rumoured that FromSoftware is developing a new Armored Core game. Now, a ResetEra thread from the weekend created by one Red Liquorice shows a snippet of text reportedly contained. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo. Memory: 2 GB RAM. Graphics: ATi HD (Any card that support Shader Model should be able to run the game) DirectX: Version c. Storage: 20 GB available space. Additional Notes: This is a requirement to run Project Nimbus: Original Edition. Recommended: OS: Windows 7/8/10 bit.


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FromSoftware may be best-known for its notoriously hard Dark Souls series, but its longest-running franchise is Armored Core. Starting with the PlayStation One in and ending on PlayStation 3 and Xbox in , the series lasted 15 installments, including two spin-offs.

And, if rumors turn out to be correct, the developer may be thinking of returning to its mecha-shooter once it finishes with the hotly anticipated Elden Ring due out this February. Unfortunately, fans and newcomers who want to dig into the main Armored Core series will have a tough time getting access to many of them. A few are available digitally, but most require hunting down a physical disc, and the aftermarket prices vary.

The good news is that PlayStation 3 game discs are region-free for the most part, although any DLC remains tied to the game’s original region. For those who opt to go the digital route, players will also need to remember Sony’s recent change for purchasing digital goods off the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, as those systems’ storefront no longer accepts PayPal or credit cards. The post-apocalyptic story of a future Earth where humans lived underground was panned as generic, which largely continued throughout the series.

Still, the ability to shop for parts and customize the Armored Core mechs is what made this shooter stand out. Project Phantasma is the second game in the series and a direct sequel of the first. It was released in , followed by the third and final game in the original trilogy, Master of Arena , in Project Phantasma introduced an Arena mode, which was then expanded upon in Master of Arena. Project Phantasma and Master of Arena were never released in Europe.

It was also released as a title on the PlayStation Classic in Japan. Unfortunately, Project Phantasma and Master of Arena are only available as physical copies for the PlayStation One, so players will need to get lucky in a thrift store or save money to buy used copies. Armored Core 2 is the fourth game in the Armored Core series. It was released in and brought the series onto the PlayStation 2. Armored Core 2 featured the same mission-style campaign as the original trilogy and the Arena mode established in Master of Arena.

The most notable changes came with the gameplay, as the mechs not only moved slower but had to account for the potential of weapons to overheat in combat as well.

It came just one year later in , also for the PlayStation 2. Its most significant change was removing the Arena mode, although missions with a similar style remained in the game, allowing for a more expansive campaign. Neither Armored Core 2 nor its sequel, Another Age, are available to play digitally. Those interested in either game can obtain physical copies of both reasonably inexpensively secondhand.

This game introduced four-player multiplayer to the series. Silent Line followed in , also receiving a later PlayStation Portable port. One of the biggest gameplay changes introduced in Silent Line was the ability to destroy weapons during combat.

This feature was removed in the following title, Nexus. The final title in the Armored Core 3 series is Last Raven , released in It introduced NPC human characters players could interact with, multiple story endings and the ability for all external parts of an Armored Core to be destroyed during combat.

Physical copies of all four PlayStation 2 titles can also be found used. Armored Core 3 is the least expensive of the bunch on average, while the other three tend to range higher in price. Armored Core 4 brought the series multi-platform, releasing on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox in It featured online multiplayer, a wholly reworked gameplay control scheme and long-desired graphical updates. Despite these changes, the game received rather middling reviews. Like Last Raven from the previous series, For Answer featured multiple endings depending on which missions players chose in the game.

Armored Cores got enhanced customization options, and new Boost elements were introduced for combat. Armored Core 4 is not available digitally on PlayStation 3 or Xbox Physical copies of both can be purchased cheaply secondhand, but unfortunately, the game is one of many that missed the cut for Xbox One and Series X S backward compatibility.

The same is true with For Answer , although its used physical copies currently sell for higher prices. And It’s Not That Bad. Armored Core 5 rebooted the series once more and was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox in This game brought about the most significant changes to the series.

Players entered missions in a squad instead of solo; combat introduced three damage types, and a new scan mode allowed players to search for nearby enemy units. Verdict Day was the last Armored Core game released, bringing FromSoftware’s series total to 15 installments. It was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox in In a departure for the series, Verdict Day focuses primarily on its online multiplayer, building off the foundation established in previous entries.

Armored Core 5 is not available digitally. However, secondhand copies of the physical games are readily obtainable at low prices.


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It has been long-rumoured that FromSoftware is developing a gamr Armored Armored core pc game free game. Now, a ResetEra opens in new tab thread from the weekend created by one Red Liquorice shows a snippet of text reportedly contained within a consumer survey around a new instalment in the mecha shooter series.

It shows that Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki is at the helm, with the game offering “a massive and three-dimensional map” with “an array of challenging enemies and carefully crafted situations that are worth taking on again armired again.

According to Liquorice, the “boss fight looked quite Soulsy,” writing in a follow-up post opens in new tab how “the player character in a white mech went in close to fgee bigger robot boss and fought with like an energy or laser sword, this looked Souls-style.

Screenshots of the upcoming Armored Core game from the consumer survey by FromSoftware. Some of the choices didn’t include AC in the name at all. The thread has now been microsoft office crack 2010 key free with screenshotsthough they’ve been partially obscured in an attempt to hide information identifying Liquorice.

Most of them are still fairly easy to parse—mechs flying and shooting through snowy landscapes, a few threatening-looking продолжить mechs and plenty of bullets and по этому адресу. According to the leaker, the survey also had two armored core pc game free videos that were roughly 30 seconds each, one showing off a boss battle and another showing some more gameplay around the aforementioned snowy area.

I’ve asked for further confirmation of the armord and videos armored core pc game free will update if I hear back. To the relief верно! microsoft publisher 2013 brochure templates free абсолютно some Armored Core fans, the screenshots make it look closer to the classic style rather than one that leans heavily into Soulslike territory, which has become FromSoftware’s bread and butter. Though the screenshots have everyone pretty hyped up at this point, it’s still по ссылке taking things with a pinch of salt.

Взято отсюда Elden Ring opens in new tab still over a month away, there’s a good chance we won’t be getting any official announcements for a while. A fresh writer in the industry, Mollie has been taken under PC Gamer’s RGB-laden wing, making sure she doesn’t get up to too much mischief on the site. She’s been cooking up all manner of news, previews and features while she’s been here, but especially enjoys when she gets to armored core pc game free about Final Fantasy, Persona, The Sims, and whatever other game she’s currently hopelessly fixated on.

There’s a good chance she’s boring another PC Gamer writer about her latest obsession as we speak. Audio player loading…. Mollie Taylor opens in new tab. See comments.