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Windows 10 ltsb vs ltsc reddit free download

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You’re saying it’s the individual apps, for example if you use the Windows Photo Viewer even in LTSC then it will collect data about what photos you’re viewing and send that to MS? There are a handful of nice stock applications in Win 7 that I like, such as Windows Photo Viewer, Notepad, Calculator, etc, I know you can get replacements but it would be a shame to not be able to use any of the stock ones. I found the Gen2 releases on x that you mentioned, so to clarify you are basically reinstalling your OS every month?

It looks like he posts the full releases not just the updates. Isn’t that very inconvenient? What happens if you enable only the security updates in Windows Update? As I said they changed their business model with Notepad is pretty ubiquitous and really poses no threat. I’m speaking more about Windows Store apps.

Like I said, I shut off all telemetry with MS at every possible point. Getting security updates every month is unnecessary so personally, I’ll update mine about every months.

It takes about an hour. I offer free upgrades to my customers in this regard and have them trained to bring theirs in every few months or so. Windows Updates is a nightmare to deal with whether you do it auto for manually.

You’re still giving MS access to your machine. If you do it auto, it can and has reconfigured user configurations and settings. This has been problem time and time again on the Windows Reddit subs. Gen2’s stuff is in lieu of using Windows Updates. I trust his stuff more than dealing with MS at all. Ultimately, you can do whatever feels best for you. I’m just passing along my info and experience. Oh definitely, not doubting your methods just trying to get a feel for everything involved.

I’ve only used Win 10 on a relative’s PC so was not even familiar with the distinction between “store apps” and regular programs until you mentioned it.

You mentioned your customers – just curious, do you build computers for people, or what is your line of work? When you update to a new Gen2 build do you not need to reconfigure all your Windows settings, reinstall programs, etc or do you have an easy way of transferring everything over?

Don’t the installed programs and files get deleted and isn’t cumbersome copying everything once every six months from backups? How necessary are these updates? Okay thanks, I appreciate it. Which removal program did you use?

I usually use DWT but I am looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of configuring. Ok looks pretty simple. Any idea what would happen if you bought a legitimate copy from MS but just didn’t pay the yearly subscription, would it deactivate?

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Piracy comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. If people really want to get rid of them,there are tons of PS scripts that would remove them in a matter of minutes.

Opinion discarded, stopped reading there. If you are that much of a microsoft shill that you can’t find a replacement for bad microsoft apps even more so with the colossal amount of free software that respects your privacy out there , then chrome OS might be a better suit for you, kiddo.

I seem to get higher framerates in games and less stutter with newer versions of Windows 10 than with LTSB A number one Windows I suggest this source as he adds all recent security updates and releases monthly.

I’m at work but thank you for this, I’ve been meaning to do a fresh install for a while and your comment and this thread is the reminder I needed. Not a gamer but as far as drivers, I don’t use Windows Updates for drivers. I use the IOBit app and it works perfectly. You can always get them from Nvidia.

Since it is not loaded with bloatware, is the size of the installation smaller as well? My sister has a crappy laptop with a small disk and a Dorito for a processor that has Windows 10 on it and she’s complaining that there’s no space and it’s slow. I wonder if installing the LTSC will give her more space and make the machine less slow. The laptop that she is using cannot be opened to upgrade the disk though. An external disk is a good idea though.

Running Windows on dated PC’s is rough. Unless there’s a reason she needs Windows exclusively, I would install Debian with xfce. Agreed, but unfortunately my sister is the type that will not take kindly to being placed in an environment outside of Windows. I might be wrong though. Even if it doesn’t save much space, hopefully that would make things a little snappier for her.

Yeah I know. That’s the problem. If it was my machine we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I’d just use it as a Linux machine. True that, but the last thing you wanna do with certain folks is upset them by way of radical change.

LTSC is going to be perfectly fine for the vast majority of individual users — you likely won’t notice much of a difference — but I continue to use Pro for Bitlocker and Hyper-V. Depends what you want. Windows 10 Education is great because it works from the official regular download from MS, and includes windows store, edge, etc, but without all the other crap like Candy crush. LTSC is good if you want windows 7 with dx12, core improvements and multiple desktops.

Biggest con is you don’t get feature updates for 3 years. Lets say they improve something in a feature update you will have to wait for 3 years to get it. In my case i really like the light theme they released and the sandbox feature released to insiders. Decided to give stability to live on the edge and get newest features first.

I redownloaded LTSC and reinstalled from mydigital life forums using a sfv tool, the fullscreen flicker doesnt happens but I seem to get less framerates in league of legends than in the consumer version I downloaded with the media creation tool from microsoft, the first ltsc I download was from the first method on MDL of manually downlading an english consumer iso and converting it by manually downloading sfv files.

Have you tried disabling fullscreen optimization? It’s a new ‘feature’ that’s known to cause problems. HWID is better because it gives you a genuine license you can safely attach to your Microsoft account.

Did they fix the task manager bug and file deletion bug in a later cumulative patch? Or do we have to wait for the next release? LTSC is for long term use without any feature update like , etc. Its intended for pc’s which are in a corner in a factory not needing any new features.

For anything else its not recomendet. Yeah, so what? I did not said you cannot install any feature updates, but you need to do it manually and won’t get them via.

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Windows 10 ltsb vs ltsc reddit free download.What is the difference between Windows 10 Ltsb and Ltsc?


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Windows 10 ltsb vs ltsc reddit free download.Windows 10 LTSB

At least on Russian forums people tend to like the older Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB v version, since LTSC is a mess. I personally use and really like the builds made by LeX_ level 2. Jul 01,  · Windows LTSC version is a special Windows edition with the long-term support. In the Windows LTSC versions (earlier they were called LTSB – Long-Term Servicing Branch) Microsoft focuses on the system stability. Windows 10 LTSC life-cycle is 10 years (5 years of the main lifetime and 5 years of extended support). Welcome to the Windows 10 LTSB Subreddit. The reason this subreddit was created is quite simple: Discussion about Windows 10 LTSB is not really that welcome elsewhere for some strange reason. So let’s take care of that issue shall we:) Windows 10 LTSB IS the best version of Windows Of course we deserve our own subreddit. Download HWIDGEN & KMS38 from the link in the description of the post, extract it (you need 7zip to extract the.7z), run replace.me, choose KMS38 at top right hand corner, then press start button. This will activate it till LTSC only gets 10 years of security updates, version will get updates to , so it is way past EOL. LTSC is the best Win OS going with zero bloat and a couple of apps can simply remove/block any spyware. It will only activate with KMS38 which works till The only real difference between LTSB and LTSC is that LTSC works with newer hardware. level 2.