1. I’m recently away and visiting my pal at Smith the next day. I additionally don’t have any video game. BEST WAYS TO HOOK UP WITH HOT SEXY LADIES?!

———-> Master flirty visual communication. Rehearse in a mirror. It’s the key vocabulary of lesbians.

2. I’m a slim woman with big (DD) tits. They make me really unpleasant (inside my head) but the rest of us thinks they truly are gorgeous. Could it possibly be better to attempt to love my body system because it’s or perhaps to remold it into a type that helps me personally feel freer and much more like me?

—————> that is your responsibility. Do you have money and time for you to go through surgery? will you be in health, or will it be a significant danger to get it accomplished? analysis breasts give you health conditions? When they build your existence really miserable and having surgery could be effortless, after that go for it.

3. She’s acquiring also clingy and dependent on me. Is actually making the girl with the intention that she can be her own individual the actual only real option here? Or is this fix-able.

—————-> Either finish it, or provide the girl a lot more affection. You shouldn’t stay static in a relationship the place you cannot give their what she requires.

4. My personal gf is an arse whenever she drinks. She ignores me personally and becomes an overall frat boy. I don’t have many buddies beyond our team, but I am not sure the way to handle this case, it upsets me a large number. She loves myself and is a great lady and she apologises.

———————-> communicate with their about it and enforce it. If she is becoming an asshole, take their to the side within the moment and inquire their to quit. need regard!

5. i am getting to know this girl and I also’m sooo into the lady as someone, but physically…idk. I really like really femmy ladies and shes extremely butch. Is-it beneficial to see just what happens? Or perhaps is that an asshole move since I’m perhaps not 100per cent yes how I experience it?

—————–> Sexuality is actually fluid, guy. Take to new things. Just opt for it.

6. i am matchmaking this woman on & down for a few several months, and it wasn’t until past that she told me that she believes she’s directly, but loves me personally. She says she desires attempt situations away, but that after the times she questions by herself. Just what should I carry out?

—————> discover a person who knows without a doubt. you need it.

7. Would It Be completely wrong of us to end up being wooing a lady if she actually is enjoyed me for a-year but features a sweetheart of some several months with whom things aren’t working really and I’m waiting for these to fall through? Absolutely nothing sexual provides happened between all of us, so it’s perhaps not cheating, correct?

—————-> consider why you merely desire their now that she is unavailable. do you ever often wish points that it’s not possible to have? merely like a challenge? whenever therefore, are you going to still like this lady if she and GF split up? cannot place them both through this until you’re 100percent prepared to marry this woman.

8. therefore i have actually a crush on this subject girl, just who i am aware at the very least finds myself attractive but she’s an unbarred union. Precisely what do I Actually Do?

————–> that relationship is actually “open” for an excuse! do it now. preserve good interaction together with her GF to make certain that you aren’t leading to issues between your two of them. You do not need no drama!

9. if the long term girlfriend is actually mentally retarded and you thought she’d alter (but is fantastic in other means) do you ever keep or do you realy learn how to believe that she’sn’t good at understanding emotions?

—————> there are a lot people in the whole world. cannot waste your time and effort with someone who is significantly without a fundamental means. life is brief, you may be youthful, etc.

10. I’ve been using okcupid a while, and it’s rad! but. I am a submissive, and it is variety of a large section of my sexual life/identity. It seems disingenuous/misleading and, but too large of something to have call at the open back at my profile. Feelings?

——————> that is why exclusive texting had been created.

11. I feel just like the reputation (no feelings/very slutty) I’ve in-built my personal citys lesbian are the helps to keep me personally really from the “dating material” category. nevertheless now ive attained a place in which i would like a gf or perhaps some feelings? We dont can make that…shift?

——————> ummm in case you are a person with swag exactly who gets all women, and they’re annoyed simply because they can not link you down, you do not have any problems anyway. in reality, we all desire to be you. you are shane. today, all you have to carry out is find a female you want and inform this lady that she’s well worth settling down for! she’ll love that she surely got to become someone to domesticate you.

12. My personal mother features informed me especially that i might perhaps not tell any family relations that i am a lesbian. The issue is, I’m actually close with my whole family members and that I really want to. What can I perform?

——————–> tell them. mommy will have on it.

13. My girl was sexually mistreated by her men previously. More psychologically close we have, the greater amount of literally distant she’s received. I understand and would like to assist, exactly what would i actually do?

——————–> you will need accept that this is likely to-be a long-term thing and ask your self if you’d like an union that doesn’t have a lot gender. I am in a lot of interactions like this and believe me, there isn’t any change to flip to turn off exactly what she actually is experienced. If you think like you require gender as a typical section of your daily life, possibly it will be better should you could support this lady as a friend. Should you decide wanna place it aside, do not drive the gender thing and allow her to come your way.